Cocoa Bar, Newport Beach (Northern Beaches) offers frequent Coffee & Barista Classes (next class TBA).  This is your chance to get specialised training from actual professional Baristas within a Cafe setting.  Your instructor, Martin Quigley has worked in hospitality management for 30+ years in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami, and the Caribbean.  He has owned and operated Cocoa Bar for 7 years and will be your lead instructor.  Your training will include both knowledge and practical, hands on training.  

Please note, this is not an accredited course.  It is a course that is designed to be an introduction into the extensive world of coffee.  It will not make you into a professional Barista.  Only years of practical experience and making thousands of cups of coffee will do that.  What you will receive is a certificate of completion with training material along with expert insight and hands on training using the finest professional equipment available.

Email us for any questions or to register.  Class size is very small, so register early to avoid disappointment.

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